How was Mother’s Day for you?

Me at 5 years old in grade one

Mother’s Day can be a difficult day for many. Some of us hold fond memories of our growing up years. Others prefer not to “go back there” because of the pain.  It’s true; we can’t control or change the past. So that leaves us with the present.

We are left with a choice . . .

In my life journey, I ask myself,

How can I take what was sad and use it for good in my life moving forward?

Here is a little of my own story, past, present and future . . .

I was 5 years old when this grade one school photo was taken. My Mom had trimmed my bangs and carefully braided my hair for the occasion. I remember how excited I was when she offered to pin that beloved broach on my sweater. I felt so grown up!!  She was one creative woman as she re-designed that little green and white button-up cardigan by placing it on me – backwards!  So innovative she was!

This post is a tribute to my Mom who died on January 31, 2015.  I was honoured to have a brief and meaningful telephone conversation with her as she lay on her death bed thousands of miles away on the other side of Canada.  She asked for forgiveness for the hurt she felt she had caused me in the past. With a trembling voice, I assured my Mom I loved her and that I indeed had forgiven her. I thanked her for being a good Mom.

You see, to the best of her ability and with the limited resources she had at her disposal, she was the best Mom she could be.  And when I became an adult, I made a choice to grow into the kind of woman a healthy mom would be proud of.  This is the legacy I desire to leave behind when I leave this earth one day.  And my hope for you dear reader is that you will hunger in your heart to be the kind of woman you have been called to be. A woman of honour. A courageous woman.

The past should not be a place where we live, but something from which we learn.

— Stormie Omartian