Is there life after death?

The month was October and the year was 2012. It was one of the darkest days of my life (post “D”- Day Discovery and the soon painful death of my 32 year marriage). I created this crayon drawing with my left hand.

Note: I am right handed (It was part of my own art therapy with my counsellor).

I call this drawing, “A Vibrant Life.” Treasured words outline the tree’s shimmering leaves and robust trunk. These are the “fruit” in my life: my children, gifts, dreams and friendships with faithful others.

My therapist invited me to place this drawing in a prominent place as a reminder of the vibrant life that still awaited me. With trembling hands and a hopeful heart, I placed it on my refrigerator door.

Each morning, afternoon and night, I paused to gaze at my tree.

Each day I prayed and thanked my God for the fruit in my life that never died.

Slowly, my heavy heart began to lift and my feet began to dance.

Five years have come and gone and the year is now 2017. My life is filled with new beginnings and renewed dreams.

Yes, there is life after death.
Louise works as a professional counsellor in her native Canada. Through her private practice, in online forums, and through public speaking and writing, her work is about helping others find hope and healing in their lives. When her first three-decades’-long marriage ended in divorce because of ongoing sexual betrayal, Louise knew in her heart that she was to use this painful experience for the good of others. Many of her clients are women who have experienced the trauma of sexual betrayal. They know Louise “gets” their pain; this helps them not feel so alone in their journey of healing. Louise is finally happily married to a man who loves and respects her for being herself.